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"Exploit: Sweetie" Preview Clip from Showtime's Dark Net DocuSeries

Showtime's Dark Net series from Vocativ Films showcases the side of the internet few ever see.

The episode entitled "Exploit" is about children who are forced to perform sexual acts on camera and reveals the roots
of pedophilia. A review from the Hollywood Reporter says, "[I]n the especially wrenching episode three, the series tackles
the terrible ubiquitousness of child pornography on the deep web, looking at both the exploiters (mostly Western men)
and the exploited — in this case the residents of a village in the Philippines where selling your children for virtual sex
is a tacitly accepted practice due to how lucrative it can be. It's as if Dark Net wants us to be simultaneously repelled
and seduced by everything we see, a simulacrum of the very emotions the Internet often stirs in its users."

Airdate on Showtime: Feb 4, 2016

This preview clip provides a closer look at a global sting operation using 'Sweetie' to catch those seeking child pornography:

For more info on the series, Dark Net, visit: www.sho.com

Director & Writer: Billy Shebar
Producers: France Costrel, Jenny Kubo, & Billy Shebar
Directors of Photography: Peter Hutchins & Giuseppe Malpasso
Editor: Xuan Vu
Music: Justin Melland
Part2 Pictures © 2016