about zixin films

The word "Zixin" comes from the Mandarin words "Zi", which is a family name, and "Xin", which means both "heart" and "mind". The ancient Chinese understood, by combining these two meanings with this one word, that the distinction that we tend to draw between our emotional and mental worlds is only an imposed dichotomy. Reality is the place where subjective and objective truth meet, where "absolute truth" exists only in the relationship between subject and object.

In the documentary film world, this union is where the authenticity of a story can be expressed, through the relationship between the filmmaker, the subjects, and the audience. This is the reality which Zixin Films strives to represent in our work, striking a balance between passion and education, art and information, film and journalism.

Originally spearheaded by independent filmmaker, Xuan Vu, in 2006, Zixin Films specializes in the production of documentary films, with a particular emphasis on promoting artists of all media (visual art, music, performance, etc.) as well as cultural and socio-political organizations with ethnographic or educational aims.